Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 1: Total Synergistics

I got to be home most of the day today, so I started my very first workout with Tony Horton at about 9:30AM this morning!

My first honest opinion was that Tony is HILARIOUS! I can't say that I have ever laughed through a whole workout like I did today.

My second opinion was WOW! What a cool workout. There is something called "Cold Start" that is 12 minutes long and it says to do it if you're just rolling out of bed or if you're cold (hence the name) and it'll warm you up. I started to do the cold start just so I could see what it was about. I did it for about 4 minutes and decided I was warm enough to begin.

So the workout is 30 minutes, right? It has a warm up and a cool down, and then 16 exercises, just so you can get an idea of how often the workouts are changing throughout Total Synergistics.

Third honest opinion: This went by soooo much faster than Focus T25 (a 25 minute cardio-based program).

There were some moves right off the bar that I couldn't master; things like repeated push ups and basically everything involving the pull-up bar. BUT I still did them to the best of my ability. My favorite thing about that is that Tony says it's fine and doesn't make you feel out of shape, bad, or behind for not being able to do it he way he does (I mean look at the guy, he's ripped in every aspect of his body).

So I sit here typing this (actually lay, in my bed) happy that I decided to Bring It. Although my schedule this week is going to be busier than normal, I still intend to Bring It.

Yes. I'm sore. In muscles I didn't know I had. That's the beauty of it folks.

Stay tuned!

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