Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What is the 21 Day FIX?

It's only my new favorite workout program (Sorry Tony Horton! I still love you to pieces)!

Why is it my new favorite? Mainly because of the length of the program (3 WEEKS) and because it incorporates a precise eating plan that also gives you freedom. If Tony or Chalene come out with programs like this, I will certainly love them too!

The 21 Day FIX looks like THIS:

But also, it comes with a bag/box of Shakeology (the greatest most healthy meal replacement on the planet)!

Let me explain in more detail about this program...

It has variety!
- Yoga
- Cardio
- Arms
- Legs
- Cardio with Weights
- Abs
- Pilates
- Plyometrics
You will not grow bored of these workouts!

It dials in on your nutrition!
- Without giving away all the program secrets, I can tell you that each container's color stands for a specific food group. Based on your current weight, you will be placed in a bracket which tells you how many of each container/food group you need to eat every day.
- You get A LOT of food. I was eating significantly more food and felt full the whole time, but I was eating less calories.
- You get Shakeology and it's obviously delicious! My favorite is CHOCOLATE. Shakeology isn't a standard weight loss shake. It's so much more, and the ingredients compare to no other! It's whole food and real food! SUPERFOODS that is! You'll be amazed at what this shake can do for you.

If you want to order, my website is

Here are my personal results!

Add me on Facebook so I can explain why having a Beachbody Coach is an added benefit of ordering from ME. :) I'd love to get to know YOU and HELP you reach some goals! :)

You can order the 21 Day Fix for yourself by visiting, clicking "shop," and then "challenge packs."

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