Thursday, April 24, 2014

6 Flavors of Shakeology and My Honest Review

Shakeologyyyyyy Shakeologyyyyy! Oh how I love thee!

Okay. So I want to tell you all about how I found Shakeology, how it's completely changed my life, how easy it is, and everything else, BUT I'm saving that for another post. TODAY is about my HONEST reviews of each flavor. I've tried every single one. So here goes... (Ranked in order of my most favorite to least favorite)

Pay no mind to how it looks like I have no eyes in this photo... Because I've got Chocolate Shakeology! 

This flavor is my absolute favorite. It tastes kind of like the flavor of a Wendy's Frosty, but it's not thick like soft-serve consistency. It's thinner. It's sweet but not overly sweet.

I like to mix it with peanut butter and banana, or strawberries. It can taste like a Reese's PB cup, or a chocolate-covered strawberry. Amazing! Or just alone! It's great by itself too. 

My very first bag of Shakeology was this kind. Don't ask me why I bought vegan to begin with, because I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I think I wanted to try being vegan for real. The bottom line is, I had no idea how to even be a vegan. But regardless, I bought this.

It's GOOD. It's thinner than the regular chocolate, and not as sweet. I can't describe this one too you and I'm sorry about that. It has a more genuine chocolate flavor. Maybe it tastes more like "dark chocolate" to me? I can't quite put my finger on it. Either way... I love this kind. And it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I love mixing frozen banana with this one. 

This one's pretty new. When this came out and I got my sample packet, I was so freakin' excited.

I thought this flavor was AMAZING too! It has an awesome light strawberry flavor. It's made of real strawberries and it tastes just like real strawberries (duh). 

I like this one by itself, with no mix-ins. But I know bananas or any fruit would be great with it. Someone even told me that peanut butter is good in it... I'll let you decide.

I remember when this flavor came out. I was so incredibly pumped! My first thought upon opening this bag is HOLY VANILLA BATMAN this stuff smells incredible! It smells like pie crust dude. 

I made it by itself the first time. It was good. There is, however, the vanilla aftertaste. You know how vanilla aftertaste is. Kinda bitter. But still a good drink overall. I made this with COFFEE the next time and it was like a freakin' frappuccino! Perfect flavor for the coffee lover.

My favorite way to make Vanilla is with a spoonful of peanut butter! YUM!

Greenberry and I have a past. Back in the day Greenberry was made differently and had a different taste. I tried it and it was the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. Okay not the worst thing, but I couldn't finish it. So then I found out that the one I tried was the OLD formula and not the NEW formula.... I tried the new formula...

It's really good. The name Greenberry I guess is what it really is... Green stuff and berries. I can't describe it. It's fruity and light and just really versatile. You can mix it with any fruit you want and it will be delicious! 


This is a love/hate flavor. I've never recommended this flavor to anyone because personally, I couldn't drink this every day. It's nice to have occasionally, but honestly it can be gritty/chalky if you DON'T mix a banana with it. The chalkiness just REMINDS me of Berry-flavored Tums and that reminds me of why I have ever had to take Tums and it's because I felt sick. So maybe it's a mind thing I just can't get over. BUT I mix mine with banana and it's all good.

It tastes very berry-y. I like it with a banana. That's about all I have to say about that. Lol. 


I recommend chocolate to everyone. If you don't like chocolate, go for strawberry. If you really like vanilla, go for vanilla. Greenberry is for people who already plan on mixing other stuff with it every single day. It's all a personal preference. None of these flavors are nasty by any means.

If you'd like to order a sampler pack that includes the 4 regular flavors (no vegan), you can visit my website at and click on "shop," then "Shakeology." 

If you choose to order from me, that makes me your coach. We can exchange numbers or emails and talk about your goals, progress, and questions. I'll be there to help motivate and support you 24/7.

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