Monday, April 21, 2014

How To Do Things When You Don't Feel Like It

I wholeheartedly believe that laziness comes from the Devil himself... And if so, he needs to get off my back. Sometimes you have a crappy day and you just want to lay on the couch and eat junk food and drink beer. Yeah, I DO THAT sometimes. Nobody is perfect. We all have our slip-up days and if you have a lot going on in your life, you're probably slipping up a lot.

One slip up leads to another and BAM you've gained 5 lbs this week and you're bloated. I know it. I feel ya. Months of hard work can reverse so quickly.

So without further ado, here's some stuff that helps me do things when I really just don't feel like it at all:

1) E&E. Yeah, I use a preworkout supplement sometimes. You can check the ingredients for yourself. It's the safest one I've come across yet, and there are NO artificial sweeteners! Can I get a whoop whoop!? I just happen to sell this stuff, too. I didn't come into the Beachbody biz to sell E&E. I never even tried it until my 10th month as a coach. But lemme tell ya ladies and gents, this stuff works. I was dancing in the streets from this stuff. LITERALLY.
If you're interested in ordering some E&E, click here.

2) Suck it up. Mmmmmhmmm. Suck it up and find your inner voice. It's telling you, "Yo, get ya ass up and do something. Quit moping around!" Okay, maybe your inner voice is a little nicer than that, but my inner voice is a sarcastic b*tch, and I love her.

3) Drink a bunch of water. It always wakes me up. Really.

4) Get on Pinterest, and click on the "Health & Fitness" category. It ALWAYS works for me.

5) Ask yourself, "How will sitting here being lazy help me become a better person? How will it help me reach my future goals? How will it make me healthier and happier?"

6) Find yourself a success partner! This doesn't HAVE to be a workout partner, but it can be. Just someone to text or call you every day and say, "Did you do your workout?" Where you'll say, "No, you?" When they say, "Nope," you both realize you're being lazy and motivate each other to go do something productive.

7) Are you injured? Bleeding profusely? Dead? No? Well go do things. Just go.

8) I'm being redundant here. The main thing is find your willpower and get out there and be productive! You deserve a productive fulfilling life :) 

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