Saturday, May 24, 2014

Everything Matters... EVERYTHING

I would've never become a Beachbody Coach if it wasn't for Andy.

I would've never tried Shakeology is I hadn't gotten sick.

I would've never gotten sick if I didn't work at the daycare. 

I would've never worked at the daycare if it weren't for being unemployed at the right time. 

I would've never been unemployed if Tiny Tots ran out of money.

I would've never worked at Tiny Tots if it weren't for hating people at my Freshway.

I would've never hated people at Freshway if I didn't date someone who worked there. 

I wouldn't have dated someone who worked there if I didn't work there.

I wouldn't have worked there if my job at Centerfield paid me more than $5.15/hour.

I wouldn't have worked at Centerfield if my parents didn't encourage me to get a job.

The story goes on and I and on! Isn't it cool how God works?!? #GoGod 

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