Sunday, July 27, 2014

3 Day Refresh Experience

Hi! I thought it would be cool to blog my experience while doing the 3 Day Refresh! My parents are doing it with me. So... Here goes!

Received it in the mail!

I made this video to share what I know upon opening my box.

Here was my social media post after I bought groceries:

I can't believe groceries for us were only $29.82! This price would make anyone want to go vegetarian! Haha! Almost all of it was organic too. Gotta love ALDI!

So it's DAY ONE and I woke up a little earlier than I usually do. (Darn. I was hoping to sleep really late to avoid hunger as much as possible, lol.)

9:30- Drank my big glass of water. It made me feel kinda sick. Looks like my Shakeology is going to have to wait a little while. I'm not used to drinking water first thing. Tomorrow I will stick to 8oz :) 

10:30- Vegan Chocolate Shakeology blended with 1/2 banana

11:00- Some delish Yogi Green Tea!

12:00- Fiber Sweep. It was definitely not as bad as I was expercting! But here's a video of me drinking it for the first time... I was expecting to have to hold my nose and chug it like a shot, but it really wasn't THAT bad. If I get any sort of result from this, it'd be worth the Fiber Sweep.

1:00- Vanilla Fresh Protein Shake. I liked this a lot. I think it would be awesome if I could use milk. I didn't mix my fruit option with it just so I could see what the authentic flavor was for the first time, but I'll probably add 1/2 banana and some cinnamon to my next one :)

2:00- Lunch FOOD! We had carrots with hummus. And holy crap, I don't know if I was just excited for solid food or if that hummus was SO good. I also had some blueberries about 30 min later.

5:30- Afternoon snack. More carrots with hummus today. Mmm!

7:30- A delicious Vanilla Fresh Shake! Then, coconut steamed veggies (in-freaking-credible!)

Drank Nighty Night herbal tea and went to bed.

I have to say that I slept AMAZING. Can't wait to go to bed again because of the quality of sleep I got honestly. I have such poor sleep quality and this is really what I was hoping for out of this 3 Day Refresh.

So what's different about Day 2? Well, I changed some things up. I mixed my Fiber Sweep with cinnamon and vanilla (total huge mistake - don't do it. Stick to peppermint). Also, made some guacamole for my afternoon snack with cucumbers instead of hummus and carrots. It was amazing! Then, for dinner, we had asparagus and almonds. Holy crap, another amazingly delicious meal! :) I also added the organic vegetable broth option tonight. It was pretty tasty, too.

What does tomorrow bring? DAY THREE! I am going to the river with friends so let us pray everything goes smoothly and I'm able to do the 3 Day Refresh from the canoe! Haha! I'm off to pack a lunchbox now and go to bed.

Check it out :)

Day 3! I am happy to say that Day 3 has come and gone and tomorrow morning I will wake up and eat the yummy clean muffins I made today (YAY CARBS!). I did it! I did it with great success :) It sure was weird bringing that stuff to the river today lol. However, this cleanse taught me a lot!

- Bring your food places. It's ok and no one really cares.
- Balance your body and everything else will balance too. Your hormones. Your sleep. Everything.
- The better you fuel your body, the better you'll sleep.
- Carbs and salt, even a tiny bit, makes you bloat. I realized I eat a lot of stuff that I can obviously survive without!
- Being vegan is probably super cheap.
- Produce is affordable for anyone.

So, today's the day! I am about to weight and measure myself and take my after pictures!!!

I've gotta say, I'm very VERY pleased with this program. I didn't know it was possible for my stomach to look this way. I mean, I liked it already the way it was! But holy crap. I love it a lot better now :)

I really suggest you try this program. If you're ready, message me on FB and we can connect on how you can get the Refresh with ME as your coach. I would love to give my tips and tricks to anyone who wants it :)

Here's my FB banner I made that I love because I made it look like little Polaroids. Haha.

OH OH OH. I've got to tell you about my paren'ts results too! They didn't want their pictures posted :( BUT, here it is:


Yay Mom & Dad! So proud of y'all :)

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