Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Day Refresh Recipes: Guacamole

"If your food is boring, you're doing it wrong." - My motto about healthy eating!

Twice a day, you get a serving of veggies with a healthy fat. We ran out of hummus after Day 1 (oops, didn't buy enough!) and I had to get creative with my avocado.

I sliced some cucumber and cut my avocado (2 TBSP). I used the small cup on my NutriBullet and put in the avocado, about 3 organic cherry tomatoes, a little lime juice, a pinch of cilantro, and some Himalayan Pink Salt. I blended it until it was to the consistency I wanted. Man, this was so good! 

If you haven't heard about the 3 Day Refresh, it's a 3-day cleanse/detox created by Beachbody. I'm enjoying doing this! I'm halfway through and already seeing results :) Connect with me on Facebook (link posted on picture) and I can get you the 3 Day Refresh and tell you more details!

Enjoy <3

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