Sunday, July 20, 2014

8 Phrases I'm Tired of Hearing

I decided to write this blog post when I was laying on Stone Mountain yesterday.
Top of Stone Mountain
I compiled a list of common phrases I hear, and my rude sarcastic answers to them...

Oh, and I read this article tonight that I really liked:

1) "Someone will come along. You'll find someone soon."
I don't recall saying they wouldn't. And I don't recall telling you I was "looking."

2) "You're young. You need to learn how to be alone anyway. You'll miss this."
I know how old I am. I already know pretty well how to be alone (better than anyone else I know). And maybe I will miss this. If I do, I'll just come right back to it. You say it like you're trying to make me feel better. You're not. Because I don't feel bad.

3) "You should try online dating!"
WHY??? And I did. And it sucked.

4) "You're so much cooler than [insert girlfriend's name here]."
That's cute that' you're settling for someone. Who isn't cool.

5) "I should ask him if he has any friends."
Also known as: "I feel bad that you're alone. I'd rather you had someone to hang out with so you don't feel like the third wheel. Even though you are."

6) "You have nothing to hold you back."
Ummmmm, if I had a boyfriend, does that mean I will be "held back?" Have you met me? I don't let things "hold me back."

7) "My boyfriend is really [insert nit-picky complaint here]. I'm so tired of him."
Fix it or leave. And shut up.

8) Them: "Are you dating anyone these days?" Me: "No, I'm not." Them: "Awh, I'm sorry! [insert phrase from #1]"
Why are you sorry?

People look at me being single like it's a disease. And it's not very nice. It's the same as calling someone physically fit "too skinny." No good reasoning behind it. I'm not actively looking for guys and going through them like underwear. I just haven't met anyone I like enough to date right now. Is that a crime? I'm not the bitter single woman. I'm the single woman who is living her life. And will continue to regardless of her relationship status. Because trust me, the next person I date will be, too.

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