Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Haters Gonna Hate. Potatoes Gonna Potate.

I won't bore you with the backstory of why I got soooooo pissed off last night. The short story is that this girl I do not even know bashed me for saying I could drink Shakeology for every meal for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

Lucky for the world, we don't have to pick one thing to eat, ever.

It just really set me off, so I did what I know best. Killed her with kindness. 

I posted this on my personal Facebook...

If you don't like me or what I do: Leave me alone. 😘✌️

I got an amazing response! Even one girl said, "BYE FELICIA." Hahaha!

People like when you don't let anyone bring you down. And I like it too. It's a great feeling.

If you're jealous of someone, if someone is bashing what you do, if someone dislikes you, screw 'em. I mean seriously why waste your energy feeling that way? 

"Nevamind what haters say, ignore 'em till they fade away." -T.I.

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