Monday, September 1, 2014

21 Day Fix: My Honest Review

The 21 Day Fix is ON SALE this month. $140 gets you:

- 21 Day Fix 30-minute workouts
- Color-coded portion-control containers for each food group
- 1 month of the ever so amazing Shakeology
- Eating Plan

Holy great deal, Batman! Wanna know a secret? 1 month of Shakeology is $140 when tax gets added on! You're basically getting the 21 Day Fix ONLY for the extra tax!!! 


If you or someone you know is interested in the 21 Day Fix, head on over to to order!

Now for my actual honest opinion:
- The 21 Day Fix is for someone who needs to have a flat stomach fast, OR
- The 21 Day Fix is for someone who wants to start their healthy eating journey, OR
- The 21 Day Fix is for someone working on getting ABS! OR
- The 21 Day Fix is for someone who has never worked out before and wants to start, OR
- The 21 Day Fix is for someone who has a busy schedule.

Maybe those above don't scream YOU? That's okay, it's for other people too. I'm not really any of those girls I just said. I'm just a broke single college girl trying to become a teacher. :)

Let me tell you who IS NOT a good fit for the 21 Day Fix:
- People who are unwilling to make a change.
- People who are too lazy to write down a meal plan for at least one whole day at a time.
- People who can't commit.

I have a solution to those problems though: to make a real change, you have to ...CHANGE :)

This is where I come in. I love helping people make their big change. Seriously, contact me today! Add me on FB! I can help you with tips and tricks that I use myself that have lead me to be more successful today than I was yesterday.

To order the 21 Day Fix, visit 

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