Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Order a Beachbody Challenge Pack from Taylor Nichols

1) You get excited
So much potential between you, me, our private Facebook accountability group, and that little box you get in the mail!
2) You get one meal per day already planned for a whole month
You don't have to worry about it AND you enjoy how it tastes!

3) Your clothes might start falling off
Hers did!
4) You get to try new recipes in the kitchen
I offer you meal planning tools and my personal website full of recipes tailored to your program!

5) You learn that taking care of yourself isn't selfish
It's necessary!

6) People compliment you
When you make a lifestyle change, not only you feel good and notice a difference, but other people do too!

7) You form a habit
You integrate healthy living into your life and make it a priority!

WANT TO ORDER? You've got options! :)
1) visit beachbodycoach.com/tayjnich and click on "challenge packs" in the bottom right corner and choose yours
2) Add me on facebook.com/Taylor.j.nichols and send me a message! We can figure out the perfect program for you and I'll tell you all about what it's like to join me in our challenge group full of awesome ladies!
3) BOTH OF THE ABOVE! If I'm going to be helping you, we should get to
Know each other. Duh! :)

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