Friday, October 10, 2014

Better Yourself

Where would my life be without personal development?

Well, first of all, what is personal development even?! I didn't know until about 2 years ago... Commonly known as "self-help" with the "weird" stigma attached to it, personal development is something that makes you BETTER. It's not weird or abnormal to want to be better. It's awesome.

Beachbody Coaches have these "3 Vital Behaviors" they are supposed to follow, and one of them is personal development {every. single. day.}

When I first started coaching I thought this was stupid and me, being the girl who only picked up the Fifty Shades Trilogy, tried to find ways to succeed while somehow getting around this "daily reading." Plus "I didn't have anything that needed to be better, I was already better than everybody else..." #GASP did I just say that out loud? Yep! That was me. Looking for the flaws in everybody else, but never in myself. BOY, WAS I WRONG!

I had a really crappy few months for my business and I was thinking about taking it down a notch to just using it only for my discount. Sweet Jesus above had a different plan for me. He said, "Taylor, just try doing the ALL 3 VITAL BEHAVIORS they gave you. Just listen to what they're telling you." So I researched this... {me doing something like this without researching is when pigs fly!} 

And would you guess what my research found? 😳😱 ALL HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE READ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Are you serious Wendy?! (Why did I just use an inside joke for the general public?) How could I be so dumb to think that reading like this was dumb?!

All I know is, I am a completely different and better person because of personal development reading, and I just wanted to introduce everyone else to it too, if they haven't heard of it. 

So if you're still reading this and you're like "Oooh, tell me more!" I want to start a little Facebook group (shocker, right? 😂) where we all do personal development reading--or audio or video--and talk about what we are learning and doing because of it! Would anyone want to do this?! 

Text/FB message/Call/E-mail me and tell me!!!,

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