Monday, October 6, 2014

Overnight Oats (Any Flavor!)

We got a TON of Mason jars a few weeks ago because my mother was canning tomatoes. The great thing is that there are some leftover that I can use for cute stuff! Like this:

Or the juice behind the finished product :)

So here's what you'll need (I made this 21 Day Fix approved)
- A jar
- Your yellow container filled with steel-cut oats (I used gluten free)
- Vanilla
- Sliced strawberries (or any fruit or seriously whatever you want to add)
- Enough almond milk to cover your oats by about an inch (I used unsweetened)

Pour the oats in your jar.
Then your toppings and flavors.
Cover with almond milk.
Close jar.

Refrigerate and then eat it in the morning! 
(I microwave for 2 mins)

As for the green juice.....

I FILL UP the blender (NutriBullet) with kale. Pulse. Then fill it up again and blend that too. Then I add whatever flavor I'm feeling. Banana is always the best fruit to mask the kale taste. 

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