Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why I Get Pissed Every Time I Hear About SPARK

It seems that everyone has tried Advocare Spark. I checked the ingredients when I first heard of the stuff. I wasn't pleased. "Try it," they said. "It gives you energy," they said.

I tried it. I tried it on a day that I was extremely tired and had to wake up really early after little sleep. I figured, "if I ever need this energy it claims, today would be the day." When the flavor first hit my tongue I thought of Kool-Aid. Watery ole Kool-Aid. But I can also get past the taste of things if I know it's benefitting my body. I figured I could just chug it anyway and see if these people were serious.

To be 100% honest with everyone, I didn't get any energy from it. Which is quite odd because I usually would get energy from something like that. But, nonetheless... No energy.

That was just IT for me. First, it has sucralose... (Dangers coming up later). Second, it didn't even work for me. So I am totally not for this stuff even if the ingredients were healthy (but that's just my personal opinion).

So you go to their website and it first has "key ingredients..." But THEN there's this drop down thing where it shows you "All Ingredients..." Okay...

Upon clicking, here's what I got:

And there it is right there... Sucralose. So just what is so bad about sucralose, Taylor? The website says it's okay! So we must believe it, right?! Wrong! It's zero calories though! It's healthy!!! NO.

I can feel all you Advocare Spark lovers wanting to kill me right now. I really can. Well I'm sorry, but I must spread the word.

Sucralose (Splenda):
- alters gut microflora*
- is linked to leukemia**
- is associated blood sugar peaks***
- has shown enlarged liver & kidneys, shrinkage of thymus gland, reduced growth rate, and atrophy of lymph follicles in animals****
- makes medications less effective*****
- releases toxins into your body******
- can cause bloating and diarrhea*******

*dude, why would you want that? LEAKY GUT SYNDROME! Never heard of it? GOOGLE T.
**I don't know about you, but leukemia isn't something on my bucket list.
***It's funny that they tell diabetics to use it, huh?
****Okay, this study wasn't done on humans, but if it happened in animals, it could happen to us.
*****Gosh, I'd love to take medicine for the hell of it. Even if it didn't absorb! JK LOL.
******Yummy! Toxins make ya feel good. NOT.
*******Everyone's favorite.

You can keep telling your Facebook friends about it, but I'm going to tell the world to not only stay away from Spark... But ANYTHING that contains Sucralose.

This wasn't intended to hurt feelings. Don't argue with me. Just stating what I have read.

UPDATE 10/16/14:
It also annoys me when I see people promoting Advocare one minute, then trying to talk about dangerous food ingredients the next. Just stop and I'll stop complaining.

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