Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11 Things I Have Given Up {For Health Reasons}

When I first started my journey to health, I remember always reading "Take Small Steps," and "Cut Out One Thing At A Time." Well, as I am reflecting back, I did that, and now I have a huge list of things that I would never eat now. It's crazy to think about. If you're not sure why I gave these things up, do some research for yourself :) I could tell you the millions of reasons why I no longer eat these things, but unless you find out for yourself, you're less likely to give them up too. And I want you to give them up as well.

Disclaimer: Most people who share their foods and workouts are not "food shaming" you... They're probably very proud of how far they've come. That's just my opinion.

1. Oil
I don't bake or cook with oil anymore (unless it's organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil). I will use the occasional EVOO, but that's also rare. If the recipe requires canola/vegetable/peanut/etc. oil, I do not make that recipe.

2. McDonald's/Wendy's/Etc.
There ain't nothin' you can get from there that is going to help you. Just go ahead and assume that. In the rare event that I eat fast food, I go to Chick-Fil-A and order either a salad or grilled nuggets and fruit.

3. Sodas
You're talking to a previous Dr. Pepper addict, so there are really no excuses here. Stay away from the soda, man. SOOO many empty calories and ingredients that slowly [for lack of a better term] kill you.

4. Cow's Milk
I made the switch to unsweetened almond milk. I also used to drink a glass of milk every single day. These things take a lot of willpower to give up, but once they're gone, I don't even crave them in the slightest. It's easy to say no to this stuff.

5. Pretty Much All Bread
I'm not sure if I have Celiac's Disease, a gluten sensitivity, or if it just deals with Leaky Gut Syndrome, BUT bread makes me sick. It's an inflammatory food that basically causes more pain to your body than you want or need. You know how the older you get, the more aches and pains your body has? I'm willing to bet your culprit is the food you eat.

6. Antibiotics/Pills
People will call me weird for this one. I have always been one with a super high tolerance to medicine. Antibiotics never seemed to make me feel better. Advil and Tylenol never seemed to work. I could take a 7.5 Hydrocodone and finally feel better. I'm still working out the kinks to my No Medicine lifestyle, but I did get rid of strep throat once using stuff from my kitchen...

7. Splenda
Holy God, if you don't know the dangers of this stuff, LOOK. IT. UP. I will never put artificial sugar to my lips again as long as I live! I don't even know how I drank this stuff in my coffee daily. It tastes HORRID now.

8. Conventional Coffee Creamer
You know that Sugar Free CoffeeMate Pumpkin Spice you love so much? It's basically a chemical shitstorm. Check out bulletproof coffee or try black coffee. You think you could never tolerate black coffee? Try investing in some actually decent coffee. Maxwell House and Folgers DO taste terrible without anything in them. If you live near me, take a trip to Safehouse in Griffin! If not, try Chick-Fil-A's black coffee. If you are addicted to your Keurig, try Caribou K-cups and add some honey :)

9. Most meats
I couldn't give you a clean-cut reason why I stopped eating all the meat. I've just never really liked it and I've always got my protein elsewhere. There's no reason to eat meat really. I have chicken. That's about it.

10. Liquor
This is funny. I gave it up because of health reasons. When I say health reasons I mean I threw up on my birthday LAST FEBRUARY and haven't had any since. Then, I heard about Fireball having Propylene Glycol in it (anti-freeze component)... and I nearly threw up again. I just want to stay away from the stuff forever lol.

11. Iodized Salt
I found out that Himalayan Pink Salt is the salt closest to it's natural composition. It's naturally rich in minerals and elements. It's calorie-free and pretty good for you, so I've heard. I heard a lot of bad things about regular table salt...

There are so many other things I'm working on giving up for good. EVENTUALLY (probably in a couple years from now) I will be completely gluten-free vegan. And working my way towards raw vegan. :) Just know that lifestyle changes are literally LIFE changes and they are not easy. Do not give everything up at once! You will relapse and have terrible cravings and detox-associated symptoms. 

And one last thing... I don't sacrifice taste. I LOVE my food. I couldn't eat this stuff if it was nasty. Allow your taste buds to adjust and change to the healthy eating lifestyle :)

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