Saturday, February 14, 2015

Life Going On

Yesterday was a professional development day at the school I'm student teaching at. This means it's like a teacher work day, but we had "class" to attend all day. The professional development took form of something I NEEDED to hear RIGHT THEN. I don't know how God shows up and shows out like that, but man. That was some Grade A stuff.

We had this lady come speak to us about balancing our lives. She said, "do you ever just have life going on?" Lol. It was so truthful. You've got stuff happening in your life. Changes being made. Struggles to get through. People to help. People to forget about. People to take care of. But you've got obligations and responsibilities. Life is going on, and you're still expected to just show up.

Well I've got LIFE going on really bad right now. But I'm still going to show up. The lord above blessed me with so much yesterday that he knew I needed to make it through. He sent me to that class. He persuaded one of the fourth grade teachers to bless me with a Chick-Fil-A gift card. He blessed me with Kenyatta to talk to me about things and relate to me. He blessed me with Mom, Ashley, and Amber. He blessed me with a new supplement to calm me down. He blessed me with Chad to care enough to pick up his phone. Life was going on. Let me tell you. Life was going on and I was still expected to show up and show out.

You know how you're like, "God, this is not what I asked you for..." But like, it was? He was humor ing my life for the past 5 months. Straight up humoring me.

My point is, God will always place you exactly where you need to be at. He will give you the people you need. Not the people you thought you needed.

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