Saturday, February 21, 2015

Natural Pain Relief Using Essential Oils

Shakeology has rid me of so many health issues. The only pharmaceutical anything I use is my Mirena IUD. Recently, I think it has been causing off-and-on ovarian cysts. I had one that was 3 inches in diameter at the end of last year, and recently I am feeling it again. I took painkillers when I had my last one. This time I wanted to try not to take anything.

Luckily I am an essential oil lover and found a way to ease pain with them. When I ordered my DoTERRA kit, I also ordered these things called "Veggie Caps." They're just empty pill capsules made from vegetable glycerin. Or something.

I found a few recipes, but made up my own using Frankincense Oil and Oregano Oil. I suffer from Candida and Leaky Gut, so I figured the Oregano could double as a medication for that too :)

6 drops of each oil and then take the pill, you chemist, you.

When I say instant pain relief I am not joking.

Enjoy the "morphine bomb." :)

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