Tuesday, March 3, 2015

21 Day Fix Tacos - Gluten Free - Dairy Free

Holy YUM!
So I found these lettuce wraps at Kroger on Sunday for A DOLLAR with the little clearance sticker on them. #WhatWhat

Tacos it is. So how can I make this healthy? Yeah, if I was a normal gal I'd go for the whole wheat tortillas. But I can't do that because I'm gluten-free. Then I would go for corn tortillas. But has anyone realized how badly corn tortillas fall apart and most brands don't even taste good? Yikes. I'm just glad to find these things, for A DOLLAR.

So I cooked up myself some grassfed beef. I pre-portion my meats into single-serving bags because 1) I'm single, and 2) It makes cooking for one so easy, and 3) Even if you aren't single, chances are, not everyone in your home will want to eat the same dang thing.. Especially if you have little ones. Oh and to the beef, I added some cumin, Himalayan Pink Salt, and a little cayenne pepper. While the beef was cooking, I chopped some sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Like any normal person would want to do, I thought "Hmm, some cheese and sour cream would be good on this." But I am also trying to be dairy-free because dairy causes a few unnecessary issues with my body (acne, stomach aches, etc.). So I had them plain like this. However, I sometimes add hummus to my tacos and it tastes lovely. :) You could add some beans to the side if you need a blue container :)

- Grassfed Beef
- Lettuce Wraps
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Sweet Peppers
- Cumin
- Himalayan Pink Salt
- Cayenne Pepper

- Cook your beef. If you need something for non-stick, use a little olive or coconut oil.
- Season it with cumin, Himalayan pink salt, and cayenne pepper (not too much)
- Chop up some peppers and tomatoes (and/or other veggies of your choice)
- Pile it all on a lettuce wrap.
- Enjoy!

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