Saturday, March 21, 2015

Portion Control

Taco Mac's Fajitas - With no tortillas...
So I went to Taco Mac a few weeks ago with a friend. Upon entering the restaurant, I said, "Hey, do you guys have a gluten-free menu?" The rude lady said, "Nothing here is gluten-free except our salads and some of our dressings." I was like, "Okay, well is there a menu?" She said, "Well I'll look." I thought, "Okay, attitude." But she comes back with a nutrition guide/allergen info gigantic booklet and just goes, "here." So I am immediately turned off by this place. I'm just trying to enjoy a nice night out... Sorry I want to die when I eat gluten and you don't understand.

So I just didn't even open the allergen thing because it was ridiculously hard to look through. I noticed they had my favorite gluten-free beer, so I went ahead and ordered that - because I needed to relax. LOL. I resorted to the internet where many told me to get fajitas with no seasoning on the chicken and no tortillas. Sounds great. So I order.

By the time THIS arrives to our table, I am no longer worried about gluten, but worried about portion sizing in America. This is LITERALLY an entire pack of chicken, an entire can of black beans, and at least 2 onions. WHO EATS THIS MUCH?! I hope nobody. This is not only wasteful, but the reason people are fat. I was really hungry this night, and I ate 2 of those HUGE strips of chicken and maybe HALF of one of those piles of beans. It was ridiculous.

All I need to say is thank God for the 21 Day Fix because I know what portion sizes are SUPPOSED to be and WHY. I can go out to eat and eat 21 Day Fix because I can eyeball the amount I am eating. Plus, this is like 3 of my meals, so I got a lot of leftovers out of it. Haha :)

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