Sunday, April 19, 2015

21 Day Fix Meal Idea - Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

I love this meal so much that I put the picture on this post and then I got up to go make some. Haha! Although I eat mostly 21 Day Fix when I go to a specific "meal plan," I have adapted this from the 30 days of whole food thing that my sister is doing. It's 21 Day Fix approved though!

So we have this thing called a Vegetti. It's known to some as a spiralizer. Basically you can put veggies through it and it makes them into noodles. It's really delicious to do with a peeled raw sweet potato so you can have HASH BROWNS. I don't know if you've ever realized that sweet potatoes are a lot harder to cut up than regular potatoes, but you'll probably burn more calories making the hash browns than you consume eating them. So, see, it's science. Weight loss. Haha. We actually just started making them in the food processor instead because it's much much easier. These should be cooked in coconut oil! So amazing.

What's with these? Yes, always add a fried egg on top of things. That's my philosophy anyway. I also found this new bacon made by Applegate that is made of turkey and there are no preservatives or anything. It's some of the best bacon I've ever had actually. I never understood why companies always feel the need to place additives, colors, etc into our foods. They taste better without. Who cares how it looks if it tastes amazing? Not me.

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