Friday, May 22, 2015

21 Day Fix Recipe: Sweet Potato Hash

I feel like everything I put on my blog just gets better and better tasting and becomes the best thing I've ever had. This is something I've been toying around with for awhile now. I am pretty interested in the Whole30 concept and they have a lot of sweet potato hash things in their recipes that I have found. This one is a variation of all of them put together :)
Sweet Potato Hash (Breakfast, Lunch, OR Dinner!)
diced sweet potatoes (If 21 Day Fixing, use your yellow container to portion)
turkey sausage (If 21 Day Fixing, use your red container to portion, but only fill half)
red pepper and onion (If 21 Day Fixing, use your green container to portion)
coconut oil (I used about 2 tsp in the pan for cooking in)
egg (1 fried egg will top this hash)
paprika, Himalayan pink salt (for seasoning)

Cook all of it together in your pan and serve. You won't regret it. Would you like any more 21 Day Fix tips and don't have a coach? Follow, Friend, Add, whatever me using all the contact buttons at the top of this website. :)

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